About MedicareHealthcareInsurance.com

MedicareHealthcareInsurance.com is a private website owned and operated by an actual Medicare beneficiary designed to help people becoming eligible or who are already enrolled in Medicare. MedicareHealthcareInsurance.com is a non-government information resource center to end the confusion about Medicare by providing Medicare information with easy to understand videos, news and plans.

My Mission:

When I first started to apply for Medicare 5 years ago. I was over whelmed with information: google searches, government websites, television and radio advertisements and mail (and lots of it). After a month of studying and research, I was still unable to make a decision of what I should do. After all there were two important things to consider: my health and money. Finally I went to the local Social Security office where a representative explained all of the options. You can’t imagine how relieved I was. She gave me a second breathe on life. When I got home, I immediately enrolled online and picked a Medicare supplement plan. I have been happy and in good health ever since, Thank God. It is my sincere desire to be able to help you choose the best plan for your needs without confusion in a straight forward manner.


As stated before, when I first applied for Medicare, I was completely confused and overwhelmed with information. Since then the government has greatly improved their websites (not counting the IRS and Obamacare) and is constantly updating them. I have taken what I feel is the most important parts and have included them at MedicareHealthcareInsurance.com for clarity and ease. I urge you to visit www.medicare.gov and www.socialsecurity.gov often to keep informed of any changes and to register at www.mymedicare.gov. I also suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter to receive new posts or bookmark www.medicarehealthcareinsurance.com in your browser.