Does Medicare Cover?

Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening           Alcohol misuse screening & counseling

Ambulance services                                                Ambulatory surgical centers

Anesthesia                                                                   Blood

Bone mass measurement (bone density)      Breast prostheses

Cardiac rehabilitation programs                       Cardiovascular disease (behavioral therapy)

Cardiovascular disease screenings                  Cataract surgery

Cervical & vaginal cancer screenings              Chemotherapy

Clinical research studies                                       Colorectal cancer screenings

Commode chairs                                                      Cosmetic surgery

Dental services                                                          Depression screenings

Diabetes screenings                                                Diabetes self-management training

Diabetes supplies & services                               Dialysis (kidney) services & supplies

Dialysis (children)                                   Diagnostic tests, X-rays, and clinical laboratory services

Doctor & other health care provider services             EKG (electrocardiogram) screening

Durable medical equipment (DME) coverage            Emergency department services

Eye exams                                                                                 Eyeglasses/contact lenses

Flu shots                                                                                   Foot exam

Glaucoma tests                                                                       Hepatitis B shots

Mental health care (inpatient)                                         Mental health care (outpatient)

Mental health care (partial hospitalization)               Nebulizers and nebulizer medications

Nursing home care                                                                Nutrition therapy services (medical)

Obesity screening & counseling                                       Orthotics & artificial limbs

Osteoporosis drugs for women                                        Ostomy supplies

Outpatient hospital services                                             Oxygen therapy

Pancreas transplants (adults)                                           Pap tests/pelvic exams (screening)

Patient lifts                                                               Prescription drugs (outpatient) limited coverage

Physical therapy/occupational therapy/speech-language pathology services

Prescription drugs (outpatient) limited coverage     Preventive visit & yearly wellness exams

Prostate cancer screenings                                       Prosthetic devices

Pulmonary rehabilitation program                       Radiation therapy

Religious non-medical health care institution (RNHCI)              Second surgical opinions

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) screening & counseling

Shingles vaccine                                                  Skilled nursing facility (SNF) care

Smoking & tobacco use cessation (counseling to stop smoking or using tobacco products)

Surgery (estimating costs)                              Surgical dressing services

Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria & pertussis vaccine)           Therapeutic shoes or inserts

Transplants (adults)                                Travel (when you need health care outside the U.S.)

Wheelchairs                                                                               Yearly eye exam

HIV screening                                                                             Home health services

Hospice & respite care                                                           Hospital care (inpatient)

Hospital care (outpatient)                                                    Infusion pumps

Insulin                                                                                           Kidney disease education

Kidney transplants (adults)                                                 Kidney transplants (children)

Laboratory services (clinical)                                              Long-term care hospitals

Macular degeneration                                                            Mammograms