Transplants (adults)

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers doctor services for certain organ transplants.
Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) covers these transplants under certain conditions at Medicare-approved facilities:
• Heart
• Lung
• Kidney
• Pancreas
• Intestine
• Liver

Part A also covers some stem cell transplants under certain conditions. Part B covers cornea and, under some conditions, stem cell transplants. Stem cell and cornea transplants aren’t limited to approved facilities.

Transplant coverage includes:
• Necessary tests, labs, and exams before surgery
• Immunosuppressive drugs (under certain conditions)
• Follow-up care
• Procurement of organs and tissues

Who’s eligible?

All people with Medicare are covered.

Your costs in Original Medicare

You pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for the doctor’s services, and the Part B deductible applies.
You pay various amounts for transplant facility charges. You pay nothing for a living donor for a kidney transplant.
You pay nothing for Medicare-approved laboratory tests.