Set up a Medicare Calendar

The next thing you should do is to set up a calendar for Medicare.

Put a big circle around your birthday. This is the day that you become eligible for Medicare.

If you have not received a notice in the mail from Social Security well before then, you should contact them so that your benefits are not delayed. You can do it online at or visit them at their local office.

You will also need a calendar to keep track of deadlines, that is the amount of time that you have to enroll in Part B. If you are enrolled in Part A, you still have to tell Social Security that you want Part B.

They told me that it was 60 days but to be sure ask them at the local Social Security office or to find out online. You can also enroll for Part B online while you are there. You must be enrolled in Part B before you can enroll in any Medicare supplement plan (healthcare insurance.)

Part A is only for hospitalization; it does not apply to doctor visits or to any other health care treatment, therefore you need Part B also. You do not want to be without healthcare insurance if you have an emergency. Also you want to avoid paying any penalties for not enrolling in time.

After enrolling in Part B you also have a certain amount of time to choose a Medicare Supplement plan or you have to wait for “Open Enrollment.” Since Medicare Part A and Part B pays only 80% of the care provided you should a choose a medicare provider (medicare supplement health insurance for part B) on time.

By using a calendar you will have plenty of time to make an informed decision or to get additional help or advice. After you have a Medicare supplement you will need the calendar to keep track of doctor appointments, lab tests and other events.