Problems With Medicare Providers

Are there Problems With Medicare Providers?

Yes, but they are few compared to my previous health insurance companies. My Medicare provider on various occasions has failed to provide transportation or taken me to the wrong location, spent over 8 hours waiting for a blood test, waiting over a year between dental appointments, failed to keep my physician recommendations, sent me for procedures that I had actually already done, and did not follow through on my physician’s orders.

On more than one visit my doctor did not have the results of tests, expert referrals, or X-rays. A couple of times I has to wait over 6 hours just to see the physician. Additionally I have had various problems over the phone trying to reach an individual or to arrange for an appointment and after waiting over 10 minutes only to have the operator hang up.

I give the thanks to God that I keep a calendar and use index cards.

However regardless of all these troubles my present Medicare health care insurance provider is a 1000 percent better than any of my previous private health insurers. It does not cost me any additional cash, at some point I do get taken care of and if I do have any complaints I can talk to a person face-to-face and the problem is usually resolved to my total satisfaction. Otherwise I can file a complaint on-line at or visit the local Social Security office.

No paperwork! I do not need to spend additional money or waste my time on the telephone listening to loud weird music while I am on hold waiting for an individual that is attempting to do every thing possible to deny my therapy or claim through the standard line: “your insurance protection plan or policy does not cover this.”

As you can tell by now I am not a fan of insurance companies.. I am very happy and grateful to have a local Medicare health supplement provider. I suggest that you strongly consider the benefits of having a local healthcare provider.