Medicare Supplement Electronic Application Discussions..

A member of drove five hours to meet with us and see who we are writing so many applications by phone for Medicare Supplements in 42 states. When we went to lunch, CJ Westfall explained how he handles objections and how he navigates the E-App.

Electronic Applications for Medicare Supplements are easy when you know how to fill them out, how to handle objections in the Medicare conversation, and how to help folks efficiently.

Chris Westfall invented an E-application method back when all Meidcare Supplement companies only had PDF documents! Now, however, all of the companies have E-Applications and they are very easy to navigate, with a little help up front!

Competitive pricing for medicare by Bryan E. Dowd

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Understanding Medicare Part B

Do you need help with understanding the different PART B of Medicare?


or Call 800-499-1942

This video will provide a detailed explanation of what Part B of Medicare is, when you will need to get it and exact step by step instructions on how to enroll in Part B of Medicare depending on your specific circumstances.

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